Telcroft | Telecom Equipment and Services
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We have solutions for all wireless needs and we provide network monitoring and managed services across all our wireless portfolio.
Our world-class infrastructure enhances the productivity and profitability of our customers.

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Why Choose Us?

We have rock solid technology and provide value-driven telecommunications solution and services focused on the value triad of revenue gain, cost reduction and emotional contribution to the customer to achieve qualitative excellence in customer satisfaction.

Our Vision

To “BRIDGE the TECHNOLOGY GAP between Global OEM solution providers and local communication service providers in Africa.

Our Goal

To Solve Complex Communication Solutions with Confidence and Provide Value to our Customers”.


Point to Point Microwave Radios

Wireless and microwave point to point links are widely used as a quick-to-deploy and cost effective alternative to fiber optic cabling for interconnecting the network of two sites with distances of few


Point to Multipoint Microwave Radios

Point-to-Multipoint communication (P2MP, PTMP or PMP) is communication which is accomplished via a distinct type of one-to-many connection,


Transmission Network Planning & Optimization

At Telcroft Technologies we provide transmission network planning and optimization as a service,


Managed Services

We specialize in providing cost effective and efficient Transmission Managed Services for Telecom Network Operators and Communication Service Providers.



Telcroft provides mobile apps and games, mobile content, content2mobile, mVideo and aggregator services in the VAS sector.